Regionalization Wrap Up

On 18 April, 2015, delegates at all four districts of our Southern Region voted to give the District Boards the authority to dissolve District governance. We are building a new way forward, officially, as the Southern Region in relationship with one another and our UUA!

Rev. Jeanne Pupke's keynote address and UUA President, Rev. Peter Morales' address to the joint district annual assemblies are featured below. This page also presents an acknowledgement of our District Board members who worked on regionalization plans since 2010, the Covenant of Understanding between the Southern Region and our UUA, and some videos explaining how and why the leadership of the four districts of the Southern Region decided to shift its focus from governance to shared ministry.

Rev. Jeanne Pupke's Keynote Address from the Joint District Annual Assemblies
18 April, 2015

Rev. Pupke addressed the Southeast District Assembly, and her remarks were streamed live to the other three assembly sites. She advocated for regionalization in this heartfelt address by reminding us why people come to Unitarian Universalism (hint: it's not for our middle judicatory structures), and offering her vision of the work that is before us.

Rev. Peter Morales addresses the Florida District Annual Assembly. He comments on regionalization, upcoming General Assemblies, the growth of Unitarian Universalism, linkage between our congregations and UUA Board, and more!

UUA President, Rev. Peter Morales' Address From the Joint District Annual Assemblies

18 April, 2015

Rev. Morales addressed the Florida District Assembly, and his address was streamed live to the other three assembly sites. He responded to attendee questions on regionalization, upcoming General Assemblies, the growth of Unitarian Universalism, linkage between our UUA Board of Trustees and congregations, and more! 

Please excuse the small frame. Livestream's recording was not in HD.

Recorded Webinar On Regionalization 
12 March, 2015

This Webinar on Regionalization features a presentation by three of our district presidents, Denise Rimes---SED, Mark Anderson---SWC, and DeAnn Peterson---MSD, and a Q & A session with the presidents, and two of our Southern Region staff, Connie Goodbread and Maggie Lovins. 

Click here to download or view the slides used in this presentation, with presenter's notes.

The Covenant of Understanding

The Covenant of Understanding explains how our Boards seek to shift governance to our UUA, while devoting their service to a greater shared ministry through a model of elder leadershipThe document articulates shared promises between District leaders and our UUA to make a new, regional structure possible. This agreement also specifies the promises and responsibilities of the Director of Congregational Life (DCL) regarding this new structure. 

Click here to read the Covenant of Understanding.

Acknowledgement of District Board Members

For the last five years, our elected District Board members have worked steadfastly to envision a new way of providing services to our faith and our congregations. As we have moved toward a unification of the Region's program and governance, they have guided every step of the way now spelled out in the Covenant of Understanding. With gratitude for their service, we list here all those who have been so generous on our behalf.

Interview with Rev. Scott Tayler on Regionalization

Our Southern Region Communications and IT Specialist, Christine Purcell, recently interviewed the Rev. Scott Tayler about regionalization. Scott, our UUA's Director of Congregational Life, has been a partner with our district leaders and staff in the preparations for regionalization. Scott has a clear vision of why we are asking our delegates at our District Assemblies in April to shift governance from the district to the association level (hint: regionalization is not about the governance). Watch this video to learn more more about the gifts of greater connection which are coming our way!