Smart Church Consultants
Core Services

All congregations, by virtue of their membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association, are entitled to a number of core services. These services are supported by the generous contributions of congregations who pay their Fair Share in the GIFT Program. These include:

  • Phone, e-mail or video consultation with the Southern Region staff
  • Meetings with congregation governing boards for discussions and advice regarding issues confronting the congregation
  • Full time Ministry and Director of Religious Education transition interviews and start-up workshops*
  • Compensation consultations (provided by UUA Compensation Consultants)*
  • Ministerial Settlement consultants (provided by Ministerial Settlement Representatives (MSRs) from UU Ministers Association and the UUA Transitions Office)*
  • Communications, including: all news and information materials sent from the Regional office, listing on the Regional website
  • Access to all available leadership development, growth and other resources
  • Attendance and/or participating in ordination and installation services by leaders

*Beginning in 2016, there will be a modest charge for new settlement services to congregations seeking 3/4 to full time ministers, as the Transitions Office, regional staff, and consultants provide a more comprehensive arc of care package. Details are emerging, and should be available in late February/early March. If you have immediate questions, please contact Christine Purcell (, who represents our Southern Region in the Transitions Office, or the Transitions Office directly (

Additional Services

Additional services and programs are available to all congregations from the Southern Region staff and Smart Church Consulting for a fee (see below). Please contact any regional staff member if your congregation needs a consultation with regional staff or a Smart Church consultant.

Smart Church Consulting Services

Members of the Smart Church Consulting team are available as facilitators. Congregations, consult Regional/District staff, who will introduce a Smart Church consultant that the congregation may hire.  The congregation and the consultant agree on the date, the amount of time (including time for preparation) and the agenda.  The congregation makes the payment to the region at - UUA Southern Region PO Box 560246, Orlando, Florida 32856. The region pays the consultant.

Smart Church Consulting Team provides the following services:

  • Planning, values based mission development
  • General training board or congregation retreats
  • Search committee retreats
  • Conflict identification and Planning for a Different Future
  • Faith development ministry consultation
  • Congregational vitality consulting with a focus on hospitality, welcoming, growth and membership development
  • Multi-racial, multicultural, anti-oppression consulting, including consulting on anti-racism and Welcoming Congregation and ministry to Bi, Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered people
  • Ministry consultations (e.g. worship, pastoral care, Committees on Ministry, right relations)
  • Operations consultations (e.g. church administration, finance, stewardship, and technology consultants)
  • Other consultations as requested


On-site consulting

A congregation is responsible for a minimum charge of 3 hours for on-site consulting.

A congregation is responsible for a minimum charge of 2 hours. Prep includes planning, resource development, phone calls, goal-setting, and email exchanges prior to a consultation.

Follow-up Report
This fee is charged if, based on the nature of the consultation, a detailed follow-up report to the congregation is required.

Travel Expenses
Travel expenses are partially included in the consulting fee and mostly subsidized by the region.

Phone/email/video consulting
This fee applies to requests from a congregation for consulting, which can be done electronically.

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